Repair & Maintenance

Crack Filling, Patching, Milling

To determine which of these services or if all services are needed Guarino Enterprises sends our well informed owner or supervisor to your parking lot or driveway to see if crack filling, patching, and/or milling is the proper course of action for the desired area. Determining the right course of action for your property could be as simple as one of these service or involving all three.

  • Crack Filling

    Any cracks that are in a parking lot or driveway no matter how new or old can be filled. Cracks starting at ¼” and above can be filled, it is recommended by our owner and supervisor to do crack filling starting as small as a ¼” to help catch them early so they do not expand further or become potholes which can be hazardous to you and your customers. To complete this process cracks are cleared of debris and any weeds that may have grown through the asphalt over time. After the prep is done our employees can fill in the cracks with our QPR crack filler to freshen your parking surface. Not only will this freshen the surface but it will give those surface longevity and protection for daily wear and tear.

  • Patching

    When your parking lot or driveway has sections of asphalt broken apart or fully missing these are areas our owner or supervisor would consider to be needing patched. Our well knowledge crew comes in cleans out the debris in one of two ways to either clean out loose asphalt or mill out areas as per request. After this all areas to be patched are coated with tack coat which helps with adhesion of the old asphalt to the new asphalt. Then the tacked areas will be filled with the new asphalt. Finally after the area is filled depending on the size of the area they will go in with a roller or a vibratory tamper to eliminate and large bumps that may be a nuisance.

  • Milling

    Doing milling work to your parking lot is the process to remove old asphalt from any desired area big or small. Removing damaged asphalt area after which new asphalt is replaces in milled area with a flushed surface and banded area to prevent water penetration and give a fresh solid asphalt replacement to those damaged areas.

All of the products that Guarino Enterprises uses meet or exceed standards for DER, DEP, DOT, ANSI and EPA specifications. If further knowledge or MSDS sheets are needed for facilities or individuals they will be provided at no charge upon request by Guarino Enterprises. If there are any other specifics needed for products contact Guarino Enterprises office.

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