Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Striping

We do all line marking services and re-striping service along with so much more:

  • New parking lot layouts- New parking lot layouts can be done at any time to change up the look of your lot or to give a better flow of traffic or giving your customers more space. When thinking about doing a new layout you should also think of our other service such as protecting your parking lot with a fresh coat of sealer so those new lines pop even more or patching holes that may be an eyesore for your lot or hazard for your customers.
  • Safe spacing- One of the many things you do not think about often when looking at a parking lot is the safe spacing our experts know the exact dimensions for your customer and clients to have a safe amount of room to park, pull in and out of parking spaces, and enough room in drive lanes to accommodate the type of vehicles that your business sees most often.
  • Maximize parking spaces- When you are limited on the area you have for parking you want to maximize the amount of parking spots you can have to suit your business’ needs. When Guarino Enterprises comes to your lot we can discuss an array of options with you to see what will best work for you.
  • Efficient flows of traffic- When dealing with a high traffic parking lots such as hospitals, malls or high traffic business’ the right arrow markings and accurate amount of area for flowing traffic is crucial to having vehicles come in and out steadily and making your parking lot efficient for all parties.
  • Blue back handicap parking- We paint in blue back handicap space to make your parking lot ADA compliant and clearly mark your ADA spaces for customers or clients in need of these spots.
  • ADA standards- Guarino Enterprises is well versed in all ADA compliant parking lot standards so when your parking lot is being striped there is no worry of your customers or clients having any problems in your parking lot.
  • Restriping- When your lines in your lot are dull and dingy or just nonexistent anymore we can come in and put new painted lines to match your original lay out to give a nice fresh look to your lot.
  • Bollards, bumpers, light poles, and speed bump painting- We do all your extra parking lot painting needs as well when you need a nice bright coat of paint on your parking bumpers, speed bumps, or light pole bases. We also paint bollards and do bollard sleeves as well.
  • Safety Colors- Guarino Enterprises uses white, yellow, and blue parking lot grade paint to hold up to the weather and constant traffic from all vehicle types.

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