About Guarino Enterprises

Over 44 years of experience.

Guarino Enterprises has been a local family owned business for 44 years and 3 generations of Guarinos working in the company today. James Guarino, owner, started this business with just a broom and a cart and maintaining one local plaza. As years went on the business continued to expand by hiring more family members and locals to operate the business doing everything from sealcoating and asphalting to snow plowing and landscaping. Growing our clientele list from our neighbors getting their driveways sealed to the local places everyone knows and loves having their parking lots maintained. Our long time clients vouch for our solid and professional work and those clients who have worked hand in hand with James return because they know the customer service he provides is the best in the business.

Since the start of the company James has found his specialty in the industry focused mainly on asphalt and sealcoating but still doing most general parking lot maintenance. Being locally owned and operated our company has the opportunity to meet with customers as they see fit. Being able to talk with our owner or supervisor face to face and show them the needs your looking to fill sets us aside from a lot of other local companies. Our company believes in keeping old school people to people contact mixed with new school forms of connection between email, social media, and our new informative website.

When looking for a local business to do amazing work and great customer service Guarino Enterprises is the company to go with. Call us today at 814.434.6522

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